Tractel Hoist Rescue Kit, Lifting Cap 8000 Lbs

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  • Steel Box
  • (1) 6XXF6
  • 60 ft Galvanized Wire Rope
  • Telescopic Handle for Hoist
  • Snatch Block Pully
  • 6-ft Wire Rope Sling with Choker Hook
  • 6-ft Wire Rope Sling
  • 9-ft Wire Rope Sling

Lift Capacity: 8000 lbs

Pull Capacity: 16000 lbs


For every first responder or engine, this is a must-have tool for stabilizing, securing, and extracting any accident where you need the fast setup at long distances. The grip hoist is the only man lifting rated hoist on the market. Because it can accept any length of wire it has an unlimited length of pulling power. Being a wire hoist, if you run the wire through a sheave block, you double the 8000lb to 16,000lb. Reeve it twice and you now have a 32,000lb unit. This tool should be on every rescue and fire truck that responds to all types of first responder situations!

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