Stepped Wedges


Stepped wedges from Turtle Plastics provide a stepped top surface that slopes downward for an improved grip. Learn more below.



Stepped wedges from Turtle Plastics provide superior grip by utilizing a stepped top surface and downward slopes. The wedges are made from 100% recycled plastic, safer than wood and splinter free.

Dimensions: 3″ x 8 1/2″

Every department has their own ideas about cribbing. But there is probably more discussion about cribbing wedges than almost any aspect of extrication. With 32,000 fire departments in the US, there are obviously many great ideas. Whether you prefer smooth or stepped, big or small, Turtle Plastics has it all!

Plastic vs Wood

For years, fire departments, industrial plants, mining, and construction workers have used wood to crib, block, or stabilize equipment, products and vehicles. 99% of cribbing being used today is wood. Wood is relatively inexpensive but comes with knots, is absorbent, cracks, splits and splinters. The only guarantee with wood is that you will eventually need to replace it. Turtle Plastic is committed to solving their partners’ cribbing and blocking challenges with innovative and sustainable re-engineered plastic products, while creating a spirit of peace, love and caring for the environment, their employees and our community.

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