Tractel Hoist Rescue Kit, Lifting Cap 4000 Lb

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  • Steel Box
  • (1) 6XXF6
  • 60ft Galvanized Wire Rope
  • Telescopic Handle for Hoist
  • Snatch Block Pully
  • 6ft Wire Rope Sling w/ Choker Hook
  • 6ft Wire Rope Sling
  • 9ft Wire Rope Sling

Lifting Capacity: 4000 lbs.

Pull Capacity: 8000 lbs.

Made out of Galvanized Steel, Zinc Plated.

Product Review: 5 Stars

“This is probably the best tool any first responder could ever dream of. The Griphoist is an essential tool when it comes to stabilizing a dangerous situation and because of its unlimited lift (only the length of the wire is the limiting factor) it can pull anything that is stuck over an embankment or in jeopardy of falling from any distance.” Reviewed at by Anonymous.