Draeger Tube Accuro Manual Pump Spare Parts Kit 6400220


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Authentic Draeger replacement parts for wear components of the accuro 6400000 Pump including:

  • Tube Socket
  • Indicator Membrane
  • Exhaust Valve Discs

In order to confirm your pump is in operating condition, perform a Leak Test following this guide:

  1. Insert unopened Draeger tube into socket.
  2. Squeeze pump completely and release.
  3. Pump is adequately leak-proof if the end-of-stroke indicator has not appeared after 15 minutes.
  4. If it has, then see page 8 of the attached Data Sheet for replacing the worn parts.
  5. Remove Draeger tube from socket.
  6. Press button to reset counter to zero; button is recessed to prevent accidental resetting.