Compartment Tiles


Turtle Plastics’ superior compartment tiles are quick to install, higher than other tiles to provide faster evaporation and resistant to chemical stains and damage. Learn more below.



Compartment Tiles from Turtle Plastics offer quick and easy installation and are 50% higher than other tiles, providing faster evaporation while protecting the surface below. They are the heaviest tile on the market and resistant to most common chemicals, greases and solvents. The 3/4″ thickness prevents “scrunching” that occurs when using thinner, less rigid tiles.

Dimensions: 12″ x 12″

Plastic vs Wood

For years, fire departments, industrial plants, mining, and construction workers have used wood to crib, block, or stabilize equipment, products and vehicles. 99% of cribbing being used today is wood. Wood is relatively inexpensive but comes with knots, is absorbent, cracks, splits and splinters. The only guarantee with wood is that you will eventually need to replace it. Turtle Plastic is committed to solving their partners’ cribbing and blocking challenges with innovative and sustainable re-engineered plastic products, while creating a spirit of peace, love and caring for the environment, their employees and our community.

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